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"Serving the tri-state since 1979"

FREE this site is FREE - FREE of paint and rust

This is what we can do for you and your metal items. Free them from the clutches of paint and rust.

We are quite certain that you will be amazed at and satisfied with the services that we can offer you. We feature a non-destructive paint stripping and rust removal system.

What does this mean to you and your metal parts? All rust, paint, coatings, and grease will be removed without any metal loss, metal fatigue, or warping. We can clean any part top to bottom, front to back. ANY METAL - iron, steel, brass, copper, aluminum, etc.

To assist us in producing the desired results that will make your restoration project easier and better, there are few things that you should do before bringing your pride and joy to Pennsylvania Metal Cleaning Company.

1. Do not take more of the car apart than you can comfortably work with. We suggest the frame and suspension as the first major project. The body and related parts as step two. Other systems may be the third major step.
2. Disassemble your parts as much as possible. Individual parts will be cleaned better than two pieces bolted together.
3. Remove all aluminum, zinc, galvanized, pot metal, copper, and brass parts. Special steps must be taken with them.
4. Remove all glass, wood, and rubber parts. We can then get at the rust and old paint hiding under these materials.
5. Remove all cardboard sound deadeners and undercoating.
6. Remove all fabrics, upholstery, leather, trim materials, brake shoes, and wiring.
7. Remove tires from the wheels.
8. Remove all name plates, vehicle tags and identification plates.
9. Remove all plastic and plastic type items.

Your parts will be returned rust-free with a protective film, which retards re-rusting prior to painting. All parts should be finished with a phosphate or metal prep treatment.

We look forward to assisting you with the restoration of your vintage machinery.
Please call or stop for a visit if we can be of further assistance.

Jerry Fisher

Owner, operator